COVID-19 and what that means for you and your team

We have been receiving a lot of calls and emails regarding what the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) will mean for our teams and their travel plans as the situation continues to evolve. As such, I felt it necessary to personally address as much as possible to help answer your questions and elevate some of your concerns. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance to Canaccom and our hotel, airline and coach charter partners and takes priority above all else in a situation such as the one we are in.

Sports organizations are suspending play given the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 in an effort to maintain the health and safety of players, team staff, their families and so forth. As many of you know, soccer Provincials were just postponed and I imagine many other tournaments and events will follow suit. However the fate of tournaments which are scheduled further out, such as the KYSA Slurpee Cup, Three Blind Refs etc. which are two or three months away, has yet to be determined. Having said that, the tournament organizers, hotel associations and tourism boards will absolutely be acting on the guidance and/or regulations set out by the Provincial and Federal health authorities and events will events will be managed as such. The situation is so fluid even on an hourly basis, let alone a day by day, or month by month basis, that it is difficult to predict where we will be in a month or two.

With that said, our teams and their care is of unparallel important to the Canaccom team and we will work with our hotel, airline and coach charter partners to accommodate any cancellation requests. Right now, with the exception of last minute cancellations related to soccer Provincials and any competitions that may be impacted in the next few days, cancellation policies remain as per usual. But with that in mind, we have been in conversation with many of our partners and have a fairly clear idea of what each situation will look like if things change; for example if events are cancelled or the government implements mandatory regulations. Fortunately our partners have overall, been very reasonable and have provided us with new policies to accommodate the uncertainty surrounding many of the events are teams are involved in if we find ourselves in a much different position as things unfold.

May you all maintain good health and take good care and precautions to avoid this horrible virus.