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Group Hotel Accommodations

(Based on value, convenience & availability)

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Group Air Travel

(Flights serviced by WestJet)

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Personalized Referrals

(Bus/charter services, vehicle rentals, meeting space)


Providing Sports, Business and Leisure Group Travel Services

Our process is simple:  

You or a member of your group will contact CanAccom and provide us with the group’s destination and your group’s requirements (for example – the number of rooms and amenities required for a hotel booking OR the number of seats required for a flight and your groups preferred travel times) and we will provide your group with options to chose from. Your group will have an opportunity to make a selection based on your group’s preferences. Once your group makes its choice, we take it from there…

How it works:

  • We identify your travel requirements (dates, locations, number of people travelling, number of rooms/seats on a flight.
  • We make our recommendations- At least 2 hotel options based on value, location, amenities and quality for those seeking assistance with accommodations. And at least 2 flight options (as available) based on value, departure times and availability for those seeking assistance with flights.
  •  We book the accommodations/flights, and continue to assist your group with any special requests.
  • We follow up post travel to ensure that your experience was satisfactory and that you received the best service possible along the way.
*Client security is paramount. Clients pay the hotels and airlines directly with no third party payments.