Our mission is to provide a professional, accommodation service to sport teams and leisure groups.

CANACCOM eliminates the time consuming process for team volunteers searching for appropriate accommodations.

We do the work, giving the team coach, manager, and parents the time to focus on your responsibilities and enjoy the event. Whether you are attending a tournament out of town, or hosting a tournament—






It is hard to believe another year is coming to an end! We would like to take this time to wish each and every one of you - A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND ALL THE BEST IN 2012. May your Holidays be filled with love, laughter, safe travels and time with your friends and family! THANK YOU to all for all your support in 2011, the business, and all the referrals have been sincerely appreciated. We look forward to working with you in 2012 and continuing to build our relationships.



Well - another crazy season underway! We at Canaccom are very proud of our response time on both new booking inquiries and individual room confirmations. October tests our performance with it being a new start of a season and all sports gearing up for another winter of travel. Our call volume is extreme so we do ask for your patience if the calls/emails take a little longer than you are used to! We have increased staffing and make every effort to respond as quickly as possible. Our objective is to be ahead of all other service providers! We have chosen not to automate our phone systems - and provide a real voice at the other end of the phone - this can create a little longer response time - but, we maintain speaking with you personally enables us to ensure you have all your questions/concerns answered. Have a great season and keep telling your friends about us!


***OCTOBER 13/11 - UPDATE**** EMAIL LINK ON ALL PAGES IS NOW WORKING. Feel free to email me and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thanks for your ongoing support!


***PLEASE BE ADVISED***** EMAIL LINK ON ALL PAGES IS *NOT* WORKING AT THIS TIME. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT: dauna at canaccom dot com Sorry for any inconvenience - problem should be rectified shortly


We trust you had a great Summer and are now preparing for a new season after the relaxing break. We have had a busy Summer. After the sports season ends - we start another sector of this business! It is the time of the year when we travel. We jump on planes and drive cars to check the hotels that we recommend. We have driven over 15,000 kms this summer - checking new hotels and existing hotels. From Victoria to Winnipeg in the East. From Fort McMurray to lower California. It is impossible to visit every hotel, but we are confident that no one puts as much effort into this part of the business as we do. We need to be confident in the hotels we recommend, many do not meet our standards or work for teams. Apart from the hotel visits we continue to develop our rapport with the various sports organizations. It is a new season, if your Sports Organization would like a brief 10-15 minute introduction to Canaccom and allow us to explain how we work, as well as allow you to put a face to the names, please just e mail us or call us! If you are a team that would appreciate assistance with your travel plans - email us or give us a call! Have a great season



Everyday we read about the economy and the business climate. We all feel the effects at home especially when we have children in sport. It is more expensive these days and everyone is feeling the pinch. This also applies to the hotels, we have long relationships with many of them. They are tightening up on cancellation policy especially last minute cancellations. If there are serious reasons that you can not travel to the tournament that you hoped to go to, we respectfully request that you give us written notice no later than noon Wednesday before you travel --- phone calls will no longer be accepted to change/cancel. All email requests will be responded to. The economy will improve. We are 2 years into this cycle, and it will turnaround. We want to ensure we have maintained our good rapport with both the teams and the hotels by giving them a chance to plan their business. Like everything else, it works out to better long term service to the teams travelling. Enjoy the rest of the season.


2009 is turning out to be a difficult year for many parents supporting their children’s sporting activities. The hotels are also having a tough time as their business reflects the general climate. We have seen this before in our commodity based economy and it will pass. CREDIT CARD AUTOMATION We have been asked why we do not have clients enter their credit card details directly on an internet site and why we still use the telephone. The answer in a single word is credit card security, this is still the safest way for our clients. We continue to explore the option of entering credit card payment on line. When we are satisfied it really works in our client’s interests, we will offer it. STAY TUNE FOR REGULAR UPDATES AND TRAVEL TIPS.